Kevin Langley Jr.

Web Developer

Google’s (Amazing) Hardware Support Policy

I bought my wife and I each a Nexus 5 from the Google Play Store shortly after the phone launched. Neither of us have had any issues with the phones since we bought them and love the value combination of vanilla Android, a great quality phone, and still a low price. Since upgrading to Android 5.0 Lollipop I’ve noticed and enjoyed the new notification design and implementation on the lock screen, the improved battery life, and the overall easier access to all heavily used features throughout the phone. We are so happy with the quality and performance of the Nexus 5 that we decided to pass up upgrading to the Nexus 6, at least for the time being.

My wife is more active than I am. On a normal day I am either working from home and my commute is from the bedroom to my desk and I usually don’t leave the house for the day, or I will go to the office which is about a 5 minute drive. I don’t often travel far and am therefore less prone to accidents with my phone. My wife on the other hand usually goes to multiple places and has her hands full with two kids and all the stuff to take care of both kids all at the same time. It isn’t easy to juggle all of that and sometimes accidents happen.

In August she had dropped her phone while getting out of the car. She had not realized it was in her lap and next thing you know its cracked all the way across the screen. Needless to say, we were both bummed. I started looking for do it yourself screen replacement kits when in early September we came across this article from TechCrunch describing how Google is doing one time replacements on any Nexus 5 bought from the Google Play Store with cracked screens. We couldn’t be happier. That night, I called Google and talked to a support technician who got me setup with a new one on the way. I couldn’t even believe Google had been willing to provide replacement hardware so easily.

Flash forward to this past weekend. My wife calls me on Sunday upset because she had again dropped her phone and cracked the screen. This time it was worse than before and it was hardly usable with the spider cracks throughout compared to the last time where the crack was mostly a singular crack. I could tell she was upset because with Christmas coming up, who wants to spend $400+ to get a new device right now?

I looked everywhere and couldn’t find an instance of Google replacing any phones more than once, but then again it was only two months after the policy was originally noticed and reported on. I decided we should at least try and give them a call and explain it. I called and explained my situation to the technician that answered and he confirmed that yes this was only a one time exception that they were able to make. But he wanted to check with his manager based on my past Google purchasing history. He came back and told me his manager agreed to make the exception for a second time! I couldn’t believe it!

We now have a new 32GB Red Nexus 5 on the way to replace my wife’s phone for the second time. I seriously cannot say it enough, thank you Google!